Byzantium as a context for Social Studies research


Research Projects:  Byzantium


By Theodore Michael Christou

The Fourth Crusade and the Fall of Byzantium

By Mike MacDonald, Joanne Newton, Carney O’Hara, and Amanda Thomas

Byzantine Medicine

By Carly Anderson, Kayla Coady, Katie Gaudet, and Kristi Vinneau

Obesity and Diet in Byzantium

By Tascha Chedore

Clothing in Byzantium

By Andrea Corbin, Allana Horne, and Erin Kane

Byzantine Women and Political Power

By Heather Doherty and Kattie Comeau

Byzantine Coins

By Lise Deveau, Rebekah MacPherson, Kristine Morris, and Sarah Wood

The Varangian Guard and the Fall of Constantinople

By Ashley Flemming, Tim Harvey, Heather Hotchkiss, and Johnathan Macintosh

Hagia Sophia, Architecture, and Holy Wisdom

By Susan Currie, Kari Gray, and Nicholas Kenny

Gender and Byzantine Empresses

By Katie Gillivan

Greek Fire and the Defence of Byzantium

By Sandra Champion, Julia Clarke, Suzanne Perry, and Margaret Robertson

Byzantine Christians and Arab Muslims in the Middle Ages

By Jan MacDougall, Candice Isherwood-Brooks, and Sharon Garland

The Hippodrome and Byzantine Sport

By Collin Gillis and Kirk Keating

Diocletian, and the Groundwork for Byzantium

By Daniel Cote, Janice Lavigne, Kieran Mathieson, and Ashley Wheeler

The Byzantine Empress Theodora

By Krystal LeBel and Meaghan McLaughlin

Byzantine Dress

By Jaclyn Buis, Diana Millar, and Bill Neal

Justinian’s Code and Byzantine Law

By Craig McGinnis and Justin McRae

The Status of Byzantine Women

By Tamara Horner, Jessica Paulin, Heather Stackhouse, and Carolyn Stephen

Sailing to Byzantium

By Marjorie LaFrance

Sports in Byzantium

By Tanya Carr, Karen Sheppard, and Angela Welch

Byzantine Representations in and of Art

By Sarah McCormick and Kate McDonald

Justinian, and the Fall of the Byzantine Empire

By Heather Kierstead, Annie Martin, Alicia Porter, and Melanie Powers

Monks of Byzantium

By Geneva Bennett

Chariot Racing and Social Interactions in Byzantium

By Jeffrey McTavish and Danielle Upshall

Kassia, a Force in Byzantine Society

By Laura Chamberlain, Katrina Clair, Melissa Dedam, and Jacqueline McConnell

Anna Comnena, and the Status of Women in Byzantine Society

By Stephanie Sedgewick, Melanie MacAdam, and Meghan Eddington

Byzantine Education

By Colleen Gormley, Melissa Sleigh, and Charles Teed

Byzantium and its Roman Legacy

By Sylvain Bellemare, Ashley Bernard, Bill Case, and Tim Nelson

Islam in Byzantine Jerusalem

By Tara Lynne Grant

Controversies Surrounding Religious Imagery in Byzantium

By Kallie Haines and Caitlin Maston

Moral Questions in Byzantine Medicine

By Becky Forbes, Renee Grice, and Todd Wilson

Medical Science in Byzantium

By Erica Groom, Sarah Marshall, Kayla Hunt, and Tanya Jensen

Byzantine Art and Architecture

By Jennifer Miller

Photograph: Theodore Christou